Charlottesville Driveway Improvements

Reynolds Contracting offers a wide variety of services, including earthwork, foundation repair, pond repair, hardscaping, and golf course renovation.  Our earthwork service is inclusive of many applications of excavation, grading, … Read More

Charlottesville Drainage Solutions

Reynolds Contracting is a leader in the small construction industry.  For Charlottesville drainage solutions, we offer top-quality excavation as we solve grading problems for homeowners and businesses alike.  Our crews … Read More

Charlottesville Earthwork and Excavation

At Reynolds Contracting, we offer quality, professional services for residential and small commercial properties.  We specialize in Charlottesville earthwork and excavation, particularly relating to water control and drainage.  We recently … Read More

Charlottesville Dam Renovation

Reynolds Contracting specializes in earthwork and general contracting services in the Central Virginia area. Earthwork offers variety of solutions, including excavation, site clearing, grading, drainage solutions, and final site preparation … Read More

Central Virginia Earthwork Company

The Pros and Cons of Choices In today’s construction market, homeowners have the benefit of choosing from a multitude of companies. Unfortunately in many cases, the company with the lowest … Read More

Preventative excavating work

At Reynolds Contracting, we often categorize our work into two types: preventative and corrective.  We really enjoy preventative excavating work because our clients are thinking ahead to avoid potential foundation … Read More

Charlottesville Grading Specialists

Owner David Reynolds has been in the construction business for over two decades.  Much of his time in the industry has been in earthwork, including grading, excavating, site clearing, and … Read More

Charlottesville Pipe Work

Reynolds Contracting offers Charlottesville pipe work as a subservice of our Earthwork division.  Our team of experts can provide the necessary planning and execution of a pipe project to make … Read More